Monday, September 24, 2012

My Avatar for my Online Shop

This is my avatar for my online shop at Handmade if you click here:
You can see what all I have and perhaps find a one of a kind gift for the up coming holiday season.  If you don't find anything that you like perhaps if you send me a note perhaps I can make an OOAK item for that someone special for you.  You might try this address to see all the things on the site that are lovely, cute, and useful.  I hope you have time to come by see all that there is to see.  I also have a lot my things on flickr and here is the address:   You might have copy and paste in your browser.  I am sorry for this but I am only a little tech savy.

Be looking for you and please leave a comment here and on Flickr if you would like, I love reading them.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Barbara...
    Best of luck with your beautiful creations in your shop. It's great to see you posting to your blog, too...I love the story about your Aunt & Mom.