Monday, September 24, 2012

My Avatar for my Online Shop

This is my avatar for my online shop at Handmade if you click here:
You can see what all I have and perhaps find a one of a kind gift for the up coming holiday season.  If you don't find anything that you like perhaps if you send me a note perhaps I can make an OOAK item for that someone special for you.  You might try this address to see all the things on the site that are lovely, cute, and useful.  I hope you have time to come by see all that there is to see.  I also have a lot my things on flickr and here is the address:   You might have copy and paste in your browser.  I am sorry for this but I am only a little tech savy.

Be looking for you and please leave a comment here and on Flickr if you would like, I love reading them.

Aunt Jeanette's Bracelet into a necklace

This is a repeat picture of my beloved Aunt Jeanette's Bracelet made into a necklace by me and for me.

My beloved Aunt Jeanette

I have talked so much about the bracelet of my Aunt Jeanette's that I made into a necklace I decided to add a post about her with a picture of my beloved little auntie. Yes she was very small 4'10' to be exact. However if she was alive today she would be 129 years old. I grew up with Aunt Jeanette and she passed on January l958 before my daughter Mary Jeanette was born. Women in her day were small and writing about her now I realize how small she was. She wore a size 2 shoe and when I was young 9 or 10. I had shoes that fit me to play dress up in. As you can see from the picture made in 1926-1928 she was a fashion plate for the day. My mother was 10 years old and they were taking pictures of each other that day and I have some lovely pictures also of my mother. My mother was only 5'2" and she just towered (she thought) over Aunt Jeanette. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes and she was quite the beauty and was the youngest of my great grandmother's brother and sisters. I loved my little auntie it was like she was a child playmate for me. We would walk to the grocery store every morning and she would get out her Parasol to keep the sun off of us so we would  not get all burned and turn brown from the sun. Young ladies during her day were supposed to have untanned white skin. Golly so much has changed.