Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day May 13, 2012

This is a tribute to all my mothers, that had a hand in guiding my path to being an adult and to my first baby. The first of the five generations in my family. I would like to introduce you the the five of us. Starting from the left, my Great Grandmother, "Grandma", my Grandmother "Nanny", my Mother "MaMa" myself Lady Faith, and the baby is my Dear Daughter Mary. There are three of us gone now, but not forgotten. My "Grandma" had more influence on me than she ever knew. I loved her so much, and she love me so much. The street in front of her house was a dirt road when I was little and I hated the sand on my feet when I went to bed at night and she would bring me a wet wash rag and lotion so I could get the sand off and put lotion on to make them cool in our hot summers. When I was a teenager, my "Nanny" managed an exclusive dress shop here in our little town, and I had to cutest clothes in town. She walked to work and worked very hard so we could have the things we needed and probably the things I didn't need, but she loved doing it and I was the apple of her eye until she left us. My "Mama" was with us until 5 years ago and she lived long enough for us to have another 5 generations in my life time. This may not seem exceptional to everyone but it is to me. My baby daughter is still with me and she had two wonderful sons, and a beautiful daughter, and a great granddaughter for the fifth before my "Mama" left us. Such wonderful memories, I have of each one of the women in my life. My mother gave me the strength to make me carry on after losing my youngest daughter, and my husband. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you Grandma for the love, Nanny for the love, Mama for the love and strength. I would not be who I am today without any of the three of you. We were the four generations, that became five generations twice. I hope you all are watching and seeing where I have gone, and where I am going. I keep you in my heart and love always. Not to leave out my Dear Daughter is the most remarkable. She has two remarkable sons and a beautiful daughter a teenager. The boys are grown now but when she was 30 she ran into a burning house and saved an older and sick man from being killed. She is my heroine. I have been so blessed in my live time with my family.