Monday, February 4, 2013

WOW Time Flies

Yesterday was Christmas and today it is nearly Valentines Day.  I hope each and everyone get a box full of beautiful and loving cards.  I use to love Valentines Day in school, because when it was art time we got to make Valentine Mail Boxes, it my day we used lots of crepe paper and construction paper and cut out hearts for 2 weeks.  When I was teaching school I got the students in my class cigar boxes and we covered them in contact paper and they cut hearts, cars, lightening bolts and everything else you could think of to decorate their boxes for 2 weeks.

Well January came and went on roller skates without to much fan fare.  But I got a sale on my Handmade Artist Shop Lady Faith Jewelry.  Alix from The Alchemist Vessel bought my "It Turns Necklace".

Quoting Alix here is what she said about the pendant it is a real honor that she bought the pendant to honor her father.  I ask for a picture of her wearing the necklace to put in here but after she sent it to me I couldn't up load it here because I had not taken the picture or I don't know enough about what I am doing but I am going give you the direct quote about her feelings on the necklace.

This piece spoke to me, in fact it just screamed "BUY ME!" from the moment I saw it in Lady Faith's Shop on handmade artist.  Featured in a blog post of my own, two of my friends mentioned that the necklace was very me. They were right.  Too cute to pass up, this is a unique and fun piece to wear.  I constantly fiddle with my jewelry and this makes fiddling worth the effort, all the parts move individually, the propeller spins, the gear and cog turn and the copper star is bright and shiny.  I have a serious penchant for all things airplane.  Propellers, gears, gauges, they fascinate me.  My father was a pilot during the Korean War, I wore his Captain Bars in High school, and this piece is worn to honor him.  I could not have found a better piece to express that.

Alix also makes beautiful jewelry and if you read this and have the time here is a link to her shop:

There are also many beautiful treasures on the Hand Made for everyone to enjoy:

I hope each of you visit and enjoy all the wonderful artists that are selling there.  I know I enjoy being in the group.  It is a great bunch of people.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Want to Find A Little Charm For the Holidays

         Want to find a little charm for the holidays well you can stop by a cute shop Finding Charm at these addresses below.  She has some really beautiful jewelry that don't break the bank.  This beautiful Black Mum is a re-purposed pendant made into a ring on an adjustable band.   It would make a lady in silver or red the perfect accessory for a Christmas Party.  I can just see some lovely lady in a black turtle neck sweater with the carved shell pendant on a necklace of peach colored pearls and earrings to match.  Stop on over at these shops and see all the beautiful jewelry just the right price of anyone's pocket.                               

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Wonderful Way to start your own Pandora Style Bracelet

Are you wanting to start your own or someone special's Pandora Style Bracelet for the Holidays.  Welllll, I have found just the place for you.  You can see the 2 beautiful lampwork beads in the pictures above.  They would make just the beads to get you or your special one's bracelet started.  Or you could use one of these beautiful beads for a pendant.  A Brooklyn Goddess'  shop has these beads, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more in her shop.  These lampwork beads make the most luscious pieces that I have come across in a long time.  The shop also has very affordable prices all so.  Here is her address and I hope to see you enjoying yourself shopping there.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Wonderful Things at A Bead Thing

Silver and Black Wire Wrapped Swirl EarringsThere are some wonderful things in the Handmade Artists Shop A Bead Thing.  I found these lovely sterling silver swirl earrings wrapped with beautiful black Swarovski crystals.  I can just see them on a lovely lady dancing at the New Year's Eve Party or part of the Christmas Party ensemble that makes you feel like a Princess of maybe even the Queen.

Pam has such lovely things from jewelry to Crocheted Hats with little brims.  You know just the thing to keep you warn for all the days of Christmas shopping that you still have left to do.  All of these things are hand crafted items and are very reasonably priced. And you might just be able to finish your shopping in this lovely little shop.  I hope that you enjoy your visit and will leave comments of blog or join my blog for more fun things to come. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

As you might have noticed in my last post I have started an online store and you will find the address there also.  But I found the most fun thing about the group over at Handmade Artists Shop (the address is ) they have a forum where the member can post topics for discussions on any topic, a support section for technical help, a place to post pictures of your newest work with help if needed, suggestions, and place for feedback and to help to get your muse out of the chair.  I am going to post some of my newest creations for you to see and some from the members over at Handmade Artist Shop.  Not being the most savy computer person I hope that I can get addresses and pictures in so you can see the wonderful things that are here at each member's shop for the Holiday season.  I hope that you will go over and take a look.  This handbag is by Thunder Rose Leather  I hope you get a change to go by and see the lovely purse.
 Leather handbag  Beaded buckskin bag  Bohemian gypsy crossbody bag

  Here is another example of some of the other goodies we have over at Handmade Artists Shops.           Tall Bottle with Saturated Iron and Chun Glazes  This lovely ceramic vase was made by LG Potter  It has a lovely iridescent glaze.

This is one of my new pieces that you will find on my shop.  Here is another one of my pieces   that is new and you also can find in my shop.  I hope you get a chance to go by and visit you will find lots of special treasures at Handmade Artists.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Avatar for my Online Shop

This is my avatar for my online shop at Handmade if you click here:
You can see what all I have and perhaps find a one of a kind gift for the up coming holiday season.  If you don't find anything that you like perhaps if you send me a note perhaps I can make an OOAK item for that someone special for you.  You might try this address to see all the things on the site that are lovely, cute, and useful.  I hope you have time to come by see all that there is to see.  I also have a lot my things on flickr and here is the address:   You might have copy and paste in your browser.  I am sorry for this but I am only a little tech savy.

Be looking for you and please leave a comment here and on Flickr if you would like, I love reading them.

Aunt Jeanette's Bracelet into a necklace

This is a repeat picture of my beloved Aunt Jeanette's Bracelet made into a necklace by me and for me.