Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Wonderful Things at A Bead Thing

Silver and Black Wire Wrapped Swirl EarringsThere are some wonderful things in the Handmade Artists Shop A Bead Thing.  I found these lovely sterling silver swirl earrings wrapped with beautiful black Swarovski crystals.  I can just see them on a lovely lady dancing at the New Year's Eve Party or part of the Christmas Party ensemble that makes you feel like a Princess of maybe even the Queen.

Pam has such lovely things from jewelry to Crocheted Hats with little brims.  You know just the thing to keep you warn for all the days of Christmas shopping that you still have left to do.  All of these things are hand crafted items and are very reasonably priced. And you might just be able to finish your shopping in this lovely little shop.  I hope that you enjoy your visit and will leave comments of blog or join my blog for more fun things to come. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

As you might have noticed in my last post I have started an online store and you will find the address there also.  But I found the most fun thing about the group over at Handmade Artists Shop (the address is ) they have a forum where the member can post topics for discussions on any topic, a support section for technical help, a place to post pictures of your newest work with help if needed, suggestions, and place for feedback and to help to get your muse out of the chair.  I am going to post some of my newest creations for you to see and some from the members over at Handmade Artist Shop.  Not being the most savy computer person I hope that I can get addresses and pictures in so you can see the wonderful things that are here at each member's shop for the Holiday season.  I hope that you will go over and take a look.  This handbag is by Thunder Rose Leather  I hope you get a change to go by and see the lovely purse.
 Leather handbag  Beaded buckskin bag  Bohemian gypsy crossbody bag

  Here is another example of some of the other goodies we have over at Handmade Artists Shops.           Tall Bottle with Saturated Iron and Chun Glazes  This lovely ceramic vase was made by LG Potter  It has a lovely iridescent glaze.

This is one of my new pieces that you will find on my shop.  Here is another one of my pieces   that is new and you also can find in my shop.  I hope you get a chance to go by and visit you will find lots of special treasures at Handmade Artists.