Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is my newest piece of my jewelry and it has a lovely story that goes with it. This bracelet was my great great Aunt Jeanette's. When I was 10 years old she let me wear with a special dress that I had and over the years I wore it many times. One of my most memorable times was the summer I was 15. I had a Red Dotted Swiss Dress that was piped in red. I had red sandals and I got to wear the bracelet to the movies with my boyfriend -BOY- I thought I was so grown up and that I looked like a movie star. My great great Aunt was my great grandmother's baby sister and lived for another 6 years. Of course I inherited the bracelet and I love it but I never wore so I decided to make something that I would wear more often and still not scratch the stones or damage the bracelet. I kept the bracelet as it was and used it as a focal and only removed the clasp (saved it) added some wire wrapped red crystals, chain and a hand made clasp. I love it and I know now that bling is so popular I will wear it more.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Today is a great day I started out with my head in Egypt and my body here in the my beautiful city made a computer error and it took some doing and help from Mr. K. Smith to get me out of it and I learned something very quickly and very firmly. So I finally got the head and body together.

I have not done any posting here on the blog other than pictures of my jewelry. Most of these posts are stuff I worked on while taking the Deryn Mentock Build Zone Class. I used an Mother of Pearl Antique Belt Buckle from Grandma's house dress to make one necklace, a sterling Marcasite Cross from Saks, and a cross by my friend and mentor Sonya Haynie. She is a jeweler of merit and has a beautiful website and if you have the time  visit I think that you will enjoy it.

I am also in an Art Charm Group for swapping charms and the last swap I enter we swapped earrings and the last posting is of ten pairs of earring I made for the swap.  Most are different techniques or same technique with a different twist.  The peacock feathers are embossed metal patinated with alcohol inks, 2 embossed metal with heat patina very lightly, and 1 pair heavily patinated with heat, 1 pair of bead dangles, 1 pair of wire wrapped briolettes, 1 pair of brass curling wire with bamboo coral bead, 1 pair of wire swirls, 1 pair of cogs, and 1 pair of metalic coat bead dangs.  I had lots of fun making these and wondering which one of the people in the swap would get them.  Usually I take the charms that I receive from the swaps and make bracelets or necklaces for myself. You will have to check the Archives for the November posts to see these necklaces.

I am going to add some of my work from the Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock Turrets and Towers Class here on this post and on the next post I will add more The little girl in the turret at the right is a picture of me at age 7 and I was in my dance costume the saying in the picture is a line from an old old 1940's song. .